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Introducing: STEVEN G

Artist Name: STEVEN G

Bio: Crenshaw native STEVEN G catapulted onto the scene with a venomous freestyle back in 2017. The freestyle was based off a social media challenge by California Bay Area rap artist Mozzy called the #SleepWalkChallenge. He stumbled upon his craft, when a friend with a garage studio set-up, use to beg Steven daily to come write at only age 16. While it took some time to actually start spiting (rapping), what came out of him was a unique style and more than just the average "street rap" that many were accustom to hearing. A self-proclaimed "old soul", Steven grew up on classic R&B music and artists like; Michael Jackson, Usher, The Dream and Alicia Keys . His soul and melodic finesse oozes out in all of his songs. 

Steven G is now religiously in the studio working with renowned LA musical collective, 1500 or NOTHIN, Steven is perfecting his smooth fuse of rhythmic style rapping with R&B sensibilities and finds ways to innovate what Cali music once represented.

Steven G was featured on the CLASSCFIED TOURS alongside a few other notable artists as he traveled throughout Southern California visiting up-to five popular High Schools per week. His ground breaking performances were and are considered legend when it comes to impact per stop on the tours and set-up a summer 2019 madness!  


Artists Subscriptions Information Sheet


Steven G "SHOWGREAT UNIVERSITY": SHOWGREAT UNIVERSITY was his debute project that went crazy and is still buzzin in the streets during a pandemic.  He has been working hard on getting new music for his fans starting with producers 1500 or NOTHIN along with making some of his own productions. If have not heard this project, go and download on all platforms. SHOWGREAT UNIVERSITY was a great follow-up from HS touring, performing at Colleges and doing Live shows to introduce his new album. 


Steven G Musician (R&B | Hip-Hop Artist)

Steven G hit single "HANDCUFFS" - is a perfect example of Steven's "New LA: sound. Steven's motivational catchphrase, "SHOW GREAT", as he describes it is all about "SHOWING UP,SHOW OUT and SHOW GREAT!" His red balloon logo is indicative of Steven's current rise and dedication to keep moving forward because as he says... "it is only up from here".

You can also see Instagram LIVE stories 

@steveng | TWITTER @stevengmusic 


Steven G Music

Musician: Solo Artist (Hip-Hop, R&B)

Management Company: Show Great Records

Instagram: @Steveng

(108,000) and counting...

Twitter: @stevengmusic

Released singles include: HANDCUFF | BLUE HUNNADS | I NEED ALL THAT

Production currently by: 1500 or NOTHIN  


Most recent Shows include: IG: dayday_showgreat 

Management Team


"where GOOD AND BAD meet Clothing Line

Steven G is currently working on his new music which will be released this 2021. Check out the NEW merchandise by Steven G by clicking picture for more looks. 


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STEVEN G: More music Videos 

Steven G 


FAN Merchandise 

From the SHOW GREAT CLOTHING collection! Black with red detail and matching bucket hat fashion now available.  Visit Steven G's  link by clicking the picture for more looks and fashions. 

Prices listed after clicking the picture

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Steven G has released many music videos from his latest project SHOW GREAT UNIVERSITY. You can hear more music and see his videos by clicking picture icon for more. Always be on the look-out for more new music drops and  debut videos. 

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Check out this new Steven G music and other upcoming music on his SPOTIFY. Steven G will also be making appearances on other networks and stations so be on the look out! 

Click picture for music and this piece he is wearing, another collection item from SHOW GREAT APPARELS. 

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