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Artist Name: Capolow

Seabrook III Published: August 19, 2020 

Featured XXL Story bio:

You never know what will influence you. For Capolow, he was a kid with an older brother who rapped for fun. Watching his sibling spit rhymes as an East Oakland youth eventually led to Capolow telling his big bro he wanted to make a song when he was 13. It was off to the races from there. Amid positive feedback at his middle school, Cap continued to rap, choosing this path because of his aforementioned sibling and the 1992 animated film Bébé's Kids. By the time he was in 11th grade in 2014, the West Coast rapper teamed up with several local rhymers to form the Bay Area rap group Trill Youngins, known for their 2015 sparkly, synth-filled regional hit "I Look Fly." In the ensuing years, all of the members decided to do solo work, leading right into Capolow making his own path.

In 2018, things started to pick up for him, with his songs "Highway Robbery" and the Ella Mai-sampling, FeezyDisABangah-produced "Drip" racking up plenty of views and streams; the latter has around 5 million views on the YouTube audio while the video has racked up over 2 milli. Last year, Capolow dropped "Outta Sight," his most successful song to date with 2 million Spotify streams and similar views on YouTube. The SXDbeats-produced track is centered on a relationship gone sour. The same year he was featured on Kamaiyah's song "Digits;" Capolow and the former XXL Freshman have a joint project on the way. He also signed a deal with Cinematic Music Group in December of that year.  

Age: 23

Hometown: East Oakland, Calif.

I grew up listening to: "I grew up listening to Lil Boosie. I grew up listening to a lot of ’Pac, for sure, but I think the South really took a toll on me. So, all Boosie, Webbie, Trill Fam, Lil' Phat, all of them. They really took a toll of how I do my music. iI's a West Coast and a South thing. A bunch of people from the South moved over to California, especially to the Bay Area. Without us consciously knowing them putting us on the music, they probably really put us on that music, for real, but ever since one person heard something, it's like a chain reaction.

Thanks to XXL...

Read More: The Break Presents: Capolow - XXL



Read More: The Break Presents: Capolow-XXL 

Robby Seabrook IIIPublished: August 19, 2020

one of the most creative and polarizing regions in hip hop, Capolow was born and bred in The Bay. More specifically, East Oakland was where he grew up for the majority of his young life. Navigating through the hardships of life in the ghetto forced Capolow to grow up fast. Since a young age, Capolow has always had an affinity for music. From making his first songs at twelve with his older brother, to listening to the Hot Boys and Boosie Badass “[Music],It's always been in my heart.” It was this love of music that led him to help form the group “Trill Youngins” with his childhood friends. However a series of road blocks would throw a young Capolow off his destined path. While fighting legal issues and mourning the loss of numerous friends to the streets, Capolow began to drop solo singles like “Highway Robbery” and “Drip”. On top of juggling legal issues and a rap career, he became a father at nineteen.


Fast forward to today, Capolow has just released his latest project:

Watch the official video for Capolow's "Pricey" ft. Haiti Babii from the new project "Kid Next Door".

Stream/download "Kid Next Door"​Watch the official video for Capolow's "Pricey" ft. Haiti Babii from the new project "Kid Next Door".



305,237 views | Capolow ft. Haiti Babii - Pricey (Official Music Video)

Produced by Mr. Tracks

Text Capolow (304)-245-6335

Follow Capolow​​

#capolow​ #kidnextdoor

You can also see Instagram LIVE stories​


Musician: Solo Artist (Hip-Hop, Rap)

Management Company: Russel North @russellnorth415

Instagram: @Capolow304

(95.7K) and counting...

Twitter: @capolow304

Released singles include: AYE AYE | Capolow ft. Haiti Babii - Pricey | Capolow - "Presidential" | Capolow & Yungeen Ace - "Cross Me"

Production by: Unlisted (Various Artists)


Most recent Shows include: Shows coming post pandemic 

Featured story by: Flaunt Magazine

Shirley Ju

Capolow is here to put on for Oakland, through and through. Born and raised in the Bay Area, the West Coast rapper tells a story of an artist who came up from the ghetto and turned his life around for the better. Growing up and falling victim to his environment meant engaging in everything from pimping to gang violence, but music would be his ticket out.

Now, the “Drip” rapper tells his story by pushing positivity and motivation through his rhymes, while showcasing his unique, one-of-a-kind persona. He describes himself as “an energetic, to myself, observant young n*gga. Everybody who knows who I am, knows I grew up in East Oakland.”

“Ay Ay!” Capolow has his city backing him up, and he’ll never forget his roots. Coming up as a member of rap group Trill Youngins with his childhood friends, the 23-year-old is now ready to take over the rap game as a solo artist. From the streets to the studio, Capolow found his way to Cinematic Records and doesn’t plan to stop until he gets to the top. Additionally, he’s a father who’d do anything for his kids.

Flaunt caught up with Capolow at a video shoot with fellow Baydestrian Kamaiyah, for one of the songs off their upcoming project, Oakland Nights.

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More Music Videos

Capolow ft. Luh Kel - "Been That Way" (Official Music Video)

Capolow ft. Haiti Babii - Pricey (Official Music Video)

Influences | More about Capolow​

My standout records to date have been: "'Outta Sight,' 'Drip,' 'Vomit' and 'Highway Robbery.' They're my biggest songs. I feel like 'Drip' is probably the biggest and 'Outta Sight' is my runner-up. 'Drip' was popping when I did the a cappella. I didn't even record the song yet. Everybody was eating that shit up when I posted it on Instagram. I feel like 'Outta Sight' is the runner-up just because of what I was talking about. Not too many niggas make breakup songs or songs about how they feeling about the next female, that she tried to call your phone and she just did you wrong type shit. I felt like if I made that type of shit and put a little bit of a player sauce into it so it won't be too sentimental and too simpy, I feel like I can make a banger, and that's what happened."

Read More: The Break Presents: Capolow - XXL |


CLASSCFIE TOURS featured Capolow on the Southern California promotional tours early 2020 prior to the shutdown with Asylum Recording artist 1TakeJay. The tours were just starting to get crazy for Capolow performing his smash hits and connecting with new fans. 

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Capolow | › artist

Coming from one of the most creative and polarizing regions in hip hop, Capolow was born and bred in The Bay. More specifically, East Oakland was where he grew up for the majority of his young life. Navigating through the hardships of life in the ghetto forced Capolow to grow up fast.

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