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Artist Name: 1TakeJay

The 1TakeJay Interview By Spencer Lobdell


1TakeJay was born and raised in Compton California. Through his high school years he was a football star but frequently changed schools before suffering a career ending injury. Growing up, Jay frequently listened to jerkin’ music, a style that is deeply rooted in Los Angeles culture. This musical influence is apparent in Jay’s music and his club trap certainly feels like a natural evolution for LA jerk rap.

Jay quickly exploded onto the rap scene in the fall of 2018 with his viral hit “Hello” which sampled Apple’s “Marimba” ringtone in the instrumental. Fans were instantly drawn to 1Take’s unique delivery and was frequently described as “Blueface but he can rap”. He followed up the smash hit with his debut mixtape Wait Hol Up which showcased impressive features from other LA all-stars such as AzChike and Kalan.FrFr while simultaneously introducing us to other members of the 1TakeBoys like 1TakeQuan and 1TakeTeezy. The tapes lead single “Arco” quickly became Jay’s signature song and another viral hit. This summer, 1Take dropped his latest smash “Drip Walking” which we can only expect to be the focus track off his upcoming album.

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More about 1TakeJay

1takejay is a logical ascendant in an era of hip-hop that's seeing the return of big, room-filling personalities. He blends West Coast bounce, a strong sense of humor and a taste for fun. His younger days as a talented football player, social media funnyman and fan of the jerk movement are evident, but they all fuse to create a unique talent.

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1TakeJay - Demon Time Information 

1TakeJay was recently featured on the CLASSCFIED TOURS early 2020 just before the pandemic hit and was about to go crazy al yea long. 1TakeJay brought the whole 1Take crew for high energy shows throughout Southern Cali making special appearance at some of LA's top High Schools for a lunchtime concert hosted by DJ EXCLUSIVE and CLASSCFIED. Make sure you are keeping up with 1TakeJay on all social media platforms and check out some of his most recent videos. We have added a link to jump you right over below.

You can also see Instagram LIVE stories 

@1takejay | TWITTER @1takejay


Musician: Solo Artist (Hip-Hop, Rap)

Management Company: [email protected]

Instagram: @1TakeJay

(243K) and counting...

Released singles include: 1TakeJay - Baby f/ Kalan.frfr | I like BIT.... | Hello and many more Westcoast bangers

Production by: Unlisted (Various Artists)


Most recent Shows include: Stay tuned for upcoming shows post-pandemic

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More about 1TAKJAY by XXL and CLASSCFIED

Some people just stand out, no matter what it is they do. 1takejay, the Compton rapper who's always drawn attention by just being himself, has more than 10 million streams to his name in a short amount of time, thanks to his energy-packed songs like 2017's "To Da Neck," "Arco" in 2018 and this year's "Drip Walking" and "Hello."

Read More: The Break Presents: 1takejay - XXL |

Bringing you current, here is a smacker by 1TAKEJKAY and BLXST that we will have to bring back or the summer of 2021! Say CLASSCFIED! BLXST with a hundred bars from 1TAKEJAY is crazy. BLXST is another hot artist putting on for the west-coast with his production and sound. You can hear both of these artist on SO Cal radio daily (POWER106 & REAL 92.3, so if you are in town, be sure to cut these stations on your radio. 

More Music Video

Blxst " Slip & Slide " Ft. 1TakeJay

1TakeJay - Proud Of U (Remix) Ft. Blueface [Music Video]

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Music Videos

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